Ordering Process Guide

Ordering a sign on our website Is Simple and easy, from loading our website to your order confirmation is only a few clicks! We can engrave any designs you would like on the sign at no extra cost, all artwork is free!

We only put signs into production when you're 100% happy with the design, all proofs will be completed within 24 hours Monday - Friday up until Friday the 20th. 30 Day no questions asked guarantee.

Contents - Click these links to be brought to the corresponding section.
Navigating Our Website
Personalising Your Sign
Confirming Your Order

Navigating Our Website
 To find the category of products you want, you can use the menu in the header, this drop down menu is called 'Products' and contains all of our different categories.
Or you can scroll down below our slideshow and click on one of nine images and be directed to the corresponding category.
Once navigating to your desired category, click on a product you would like to purchase. You will be greeted by our simple product pages, there will be multiple different customisation options for your sign. 

Personalising Your Sign
Our personalisation process is very simple and easy to complete, All you have to do is choose whether you would like a double sided engraved sign or a single sided one, select which type of sign fitting you would like, provide us with the wording you would like on the sign and finally add any additional information. 
    1. Box number one is labeled 'Sides', this is the option where you can select whether you would like your signs wording and images to be engraved on one side, or both sides, we charge more for double sided signs.

    2. Box number two is labeled 'Fittings', this is the option where you can select the type of fitting you would like to be supplied with your sign, there are 5 options in this menu and vary in price. Fittings can have a large affect on the appearance of your sign.

    • 'Mirror Plates Supplied FOC' are the standard brackets that we provide, these are free and if you're a previous customer you will recognise these, they're provided free of charge.

    • 'Secure Hidden Fittings' are a Strong Plastic button clip type fixing that allows for a floating sign appearance, these cost £3.99.

    • 'Chrome Stand-Offs' are a beautiful Chrome topped stand off that will be screwed through the sign itself, these cost £4.99.

    • 'Screw Holes FOC' are holes that have been carved into the sign, these allow for your own form of mounting or hanging, If you plan on putting screw holes through sign please select this option as we coat the holes with UV protection oil so the sign doesn't age prematurely or rot. These are free of charge.

    • 'No Fittings' is just no type of fixing supplied with the sign.
    3. Box number three is labeled 'Font: help', this option is where you select the font that you would like your wording to be engraved in, there is a help button that is next to the word font that you can click on and be shown an image of our 25 most common font choices. If you require a font that is not on the list, add it to the 'Additional' box at the bottom of the page (Number 5 in the image on the right) All fonts are provided free of charge.

    4. Box number four is labeled 'Wording', this is a text box where you can type all the wording you would like to be engraved on your sign. Please make sure all text in this box is correct.
      5. Box Number 5 is labeled 'Additional', This is another text box where you can add extra details for your order. For example positioning of text, Links to images you would like engraved, Fonts not listed in the 'Fonts' box etc.
      6. These two boxes allow you to purchase the sign. If you're planning on ordering multiple products off our website, use the 'Add to cart' button as to get all your purchases in one order.

      Confirming Your Order
        Next you will be taken to the cart page or a buy it now. When taken to the cart and you have all the products you want to purchase, click the checkout button and fill out all of the corresponding details, making sure they are all entered and correct so we can deliver the sign to the correct location.

        You will receive a confirmation email and then within 24 hours (under normal circumstances) you will be provided with multiple design proofs or concept designs for your sign via email. The faster you reply and select the design you would like for your sign, the faster we can put it into production and get it delivered to you.

        Signs that do not require assembly will be typically dispatched within 7-10 working days from proof approval. Assembled signs such as Ladder Signs and Gallows Signs will take longer to produce so dispatch time is typically 10-15 working days from proof approval.